More experimental tracks like Olinda and Sookie's Rumba contain Latin polyrhythms and open-ended jazzy instrumentals. It reminds listeners that this group is peppered with highly experienced musicians who have played with the likes of Keith Jarrett, Chris Potter and Sting” - NYS Music
It is easy to hear when a band is having a good time and enjoys playing with each other. The instruments seem to meld together to create one cohesive unit of pure joy. This is obviously the case with our friends in International Orange” - New York Music Daily
This is a dandy throwback to what jam bands sounded like before they were called jam bands and knew better than to indulge in 18 minute solos that went nowhere” -
Fascinating Juxtaposition of styles from heavy to mellow, sonic to tropical, all beautifully performed, often within the same tune” - Tom McCarter

— Stanford Jazz